Protest Rally March 27th


On March 27th at 4:30PM we are coordinating a rally at Parliament Square to protest against the marginalisation of motorcycles & scooters in London and the UK. We encourage all riders to attend whether you ride a classic bike, sports bike, adventure bike, cruiser, scooter or the latest retro bike. All of us are impacted by the policies of Transport for London & the Mayor of London. The only people who can influence change are you, the average, voting, rider of motorcycles & scooters in London. 

The personal bias of policy making and influencing bureaucrats has resulted in an active campaign to drive motorcycles & scooters off London’s roads, ignoring data produced by Transport for London and others that clearly shows motorcycles & scooters have a positive contribution to congestion & pollution in London and should be actively encouraged as a strategic transport solution for Londoners. 

The format is different from previous rides. We are not leading a ride but encourage you all to join us on parliament square where we will have two large banners carrying some of our key messaging and also you can print your own placard to carry and/or stick on your back/top box if you are riding. You can download a file containing printable placards/posters here or you can make your own with a message that is important to you.

As a reminder of why we are protesting:

  • Safety: 36 riders died on London’s streets in 2016. Initial, invalidated numbers suggest this has increase in 2017. We want schemes that put motorcyclists at risk such as lane narrowing and painted cycle lanes to stop and policies such as use of bus lanes to be consistently applied in all boroughs across London and across the UK
  • Security: Theft of motorcycles & scooters and scooter enabled theft has reached epidemic levels within London. Over 16,000 motorcycles & scooters were stolen last year, a significant increase year on year. Criminals operate with impunity and our police forces are starved of funds and have their hands tied by fear of the IPCC. We need investment in prevention, detection and investigation capability to close these gangs down for good and we need policies that allow the police forces to chase & apprehend these criminals while at the same time ensuring sentencing is a true deterrent. We also want more secure parking to be provided by the boroughs in London. More and more insurance companies are pricing themselves out of London coverage leading many riders unable to afford to fund their means of commuting. 
  • Cost: Motorcycles & Scooters riders are happy to pay their way in proportionate costs. With the introduction of the (Ultra Low Emission Zone) ULEZ charge, older motorcycles & scooters will have to pay the same tariff as cars (£12.50 per day) This is despite Transport for London’s own data showing that motorcycles & scooters contribute less than 1% of the pollution in London. Adding this to the issues of insurance highlighted above, motorcycles & scooter riders are having to pay more and more to get to work. 
Screenshot 2018-03-20 08.58.46.png

While we are not leading a ride, we hope many of you will ride your bike around Parliament Square at 4:30PM to coincide with the start of our protest. A potential route is to loop between Lambeth Bridge and Parliament Square but we’ll leave the decision up to you. Please ensure you obey the rules of the road and ride with courtesy & respect with no burnouts, wheelies, etc. We would encourage you to not filter, overtake other vehicles and please don’t intimidate pedestrians or other road users. 

Lastly, please share widely. Through #BikersUnited we are part of something larger and as such we will continue to cross promote our events to ensure all riders have a chance to influence change. 

#WeRideLondon #MotorcyclesMatter #BikersUnited 

Mike Butler