Letter for the 'No Chase Policy'

In order to change the multi-layered and complex policies that lead to the ‘no chase policy’ a whole host of laws, policies and guidelines need to be changed. At the same time, the sentencing guidelines need to be reviewed to form a more appropriate deterrent to criminals. We Ride London has created a letter for your to base your own letters on. Due to the nature of the issue you really need to write to, at the minimum:

  • Your MP
  • The Mayor of London
  • The Home Office
  • The Sentencing Council
  • Your Police Crime Commissioner 

You should also consider writing to:

  • Your London Assembly Member
  • The National Police Chiefs Council
  • The Mayor’s office for policing 

Follow this link to download a proposed letter - please feel free to adjust and personalise as required.

Contact Details: 

#WeRideLondon #ProtectBikers #BikersUnited #MopedCrime

Mike Butler