Tea Hut to Tea Hut Ride: July 16th

You asked for it so here it is: The first We Ride London weekend supporters ride! 

Image credit: mjstudio.co.uk

Image credit: mjstudio.co.uk

Following our extremely successful weekday ride in April many of you asked for a ride to be held on the weekend. We will keep running weekday rides as well as these have the highest impact but will run a slightly different format for our weekend rides.

The weekend rides are as much about maintaining the We Ride London community as they are about raising awareness so the rides will include less time around Westminster and City Hall and more time riding around London landmarks.


We will continue to run weekend rides moving around London. They will all stay within the M25 but likely to be outside of the North/South circular whereas the weekday rides will stay within North/South circular. 

Our first one will ride from the Epping Forest Tea Hut through the City and over Tower Bridge towards the Blackheath Tea Hut. Meeting at 9:30AM on July 16th to leave at 10AM sharp. If you miss us, you should be able to catch us up at Tower Bridge/Tooley Street if you go there directly. We should arrive at Blackheath @11:30AM.

We will provide We Ride London signs as before to pin on your backs/top boxes. We will also have stickers to give away and some patches and t-shirts available to buy.

The Final Route

The final route has been agreed and you can download files for your Sat Nav here:

We will head towards City Airport on the North Circular before starting the journey west along through the Limehouse Link Tunnel. along the Highway then over Tower Bridge, east along Tooley St towards Surrey Quays and then towards Greenwich before heading to the Blackheath Tea Hut.

Ride Guidelines

  • You are riding on your own insurance and own liability
  • By taking part you acknowledge that you have a valid license, insurance and a road legal bike
  • Any antisocial behaviour (eg donuts, burnouts, wheelies) will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the ride
  • Ride with respect and obey the rules of the road
  • Show the public we are law abiding and nice people!
  • Any road legal bike is welcome wearing whatever you want. We would encourage an open faced helmet but leave it up to you
  • You will notice motorcycle police observing the ride
Image credit: mjstudio.co.uk

Image credit: mjstudio.co.uk

If any of this makes you uncomfortable please do not take part in the ride, support in other ways 

Ride Logistics

  • Meet at 9:30AM at the Epping Forest Tea Hut - we will be on the road by 10AM
  • Our route will take us through the CIty and across Tower Bridge before arriving at the Blackheath Tea Hut @ 11/11:30AM on roads that can accommodate the volume of riders we are expecting
  • There will be marked marshals with the ride and along the route - we are very grateful for the support of Unity Support Riders
  • The route is quite straight forward. If you get lost - head to Tower Bridge and then to the Blackheath Tea Hut from there
  • We will try not to filter to make the highest impact but of course if we get stuck in traffic we will safely move through it

Photography Opportunities

  • As we pass across Canary Wharf on Aspen Way towards the Limehouse Link. Two places that would be good - the side of the road on the Westbound side and the Poplar DLR bridge overlooking the road: https://goo.gl/maps/xyuaNxD1jZU2
  • On the approach road with the Tower of London in the background: https://goo.gl/maps/Cf7sPoATdR22
  • On the other side of the bridge with the bridge ‘towers’ behind/also with City Hall in the background: https://goo.gl/maps/PoaoqgrjvD12
  • Greenwich there will be some opportunities to take photos with the market, college and glimpses of the Cutty Sark along College Approach: https://goo.gl/maps/ZvqP9HHF2Qx

Have Your Voice Heard

We are really glad for the support of London Assembly Member Keith Prince who is the chair of the Transport Committee for the Assembly. He is a strong advocate for our campaign and is scheduled to appear at the end of our ride. It's a good opportunity to chat to him directly about some of your concerns.

We should also have journalists from MCN, Ride, London Live & the Standard there subject to other commitments. 

We hope many of you can join us! Sign up for the Facebook event here

Don't forget to show your support for We Ride London by posting on social media and feel free to order some stickers, patches or other branded clothing in our online shop. We will also have some one off t-shirts and patches for sale at the Epping Forest Tea Hut at the start of the ride. 

We'd welcome ideas for the next ride but we will likely cover West London next time.