Support the Police Ride: August 21st

Following our extremely successful weekday ride in April, the weekend ride in July and the spiralling motorcycle & scooter motivated crime epidemic in London, we are riding again on August 21st in support of our Police forces gaining the appropriate powers and freedom to effectively manage this issue. 

The well publicised 'No Chase Policy' is core to this and Biker & Bike has a great 5 part series covering the main issues. In addition though, we need the Independent Police Complaints Commission to be reigned in so Police can do their job without fear of prosecution or loss of livelihood. 


We have a relatively short ride, taking in some of the key locations of power and decision making surrounding this including:

  • The City of London Police
  • The Metropolitan Police
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • The Independant Police Complaints Committee

Whitehall has roadworks on it so we are unlikely to pass Downing Street this time. Also, due to parking restrictions in place and advice from the Police we will not be stopping on red routes or unless it is safe to do so.

Remember that while we are trying to raise the profile of our causes, we are also trying to build the support from the public and blocking roads, burnouts, wheelies, donuts, over revving is not the way to do this and we will be categorised the same as very criminals we are trying to stop. We have operated this successfully the last two rides and will continue with this approach.

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In addition to #WeRideLondon and the community hashtags of #ProtectBikers and #BikersUnited we will be using #MopedCrime to tag this event including some A3 print outs to stick to your bikes, backs or top boxes. Please tag any posts on social media with this to allow us to knit together the messages and trend more effectively. Hopefully more people will discover why we are riding this way. 

We will provide signs as before to pin on your backs, bikes or top boxes. We will also have stickers to give away.

We will continue to run weekend rides moving around London. They will all stay within the M25 but likely to be outside of the North/South circular whereas the weekday rides will stay within North/South circular. 

The Final Route


We will meet at Smithfield Market on Charterhouse Street by Fabric at 8AM. There will be a briefing and then we will head off at 8:15AM. 

Our route is a simple one, taking us past the IPCC, through the city into the West End before going around Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch, Horseguards Avenue, Parliament Square and then past Scotland Yard. We will then disperse or if you want to meet back at Smithfield Market for a high five!

The aim of the ride is to raise awareness of our cause with the public as well as show the elected officials that we are serious about these issues. We will not stop anywhere on route but will ride slowly and with traffic to cause maximum impact. 

In the next week, we will publish a blog post with details of where to send a letter to so we can reinforce the impact of the ride after the event. The letter has already been published here.

As per the guidelines below, we will ride with respect and within the law at all times. Remember there is a fine line between causing mayhem and therefore losing the support of the public and generating a positive impression that brightens up someone's commute. 

Ride Guidelines

  • You are riding on your own insurance and own liability
  • By taking part you acknowledge that you have a valid license, insurance and a road legal bike
  • Any antisocial behaviour (eg donuts, burnouts, wheelies) will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the ride
  • Ride with respect and obey the rules of the road
  • Show the public we are law abiding and nice people!
  • Any road legal bike is welcome wearing whatever you want. We would encourage an open faced helmet but leave it up to you
  • You will notice motorcycle police observing the ride in addition to uniformed police on foot at the start point
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If any of this makes you uncomfortable please do not take part in the ride, support in other ways 

Ride Logistics

  • Meet at 8AM at Smithfield Market on the North side by fabric. We will head of at 8:15AM sharp after a briefing. Park respectfully and do not block the road or entrances.
  • Our route will take us through the City of London and Westminster before arriving at the last point on the route @9:30. Due to stopping restrictions we will either disperse from there or find an alternative end point.
  • There will be marked marshals with the ride and along the route - we are very grateful for the support of Unity Support Riders
  • We will not filter through traffic  to make the highest impact 

Photography Opportunities

If you are a photographer looking for shots of the day, these are likely to be the best vantage points:

Have Your Voice Heard

Write to your elected official and/or your local police commissioner! We have created a letter which you can use here and a list of key contacts are in this blog post. Please take the take to customise it to your style so everyone doesn't get exactly the same letter from us all!

We'd welcome ideas for the next ride. We will continue weekend and weekday rides. The weekend rides are as much about maintaining the We Ride London community as they are about raising awareness so the rides will include less time around Westminster and City Hall and more time riding around London landmarks. Weekday rides have the highest impact but will run a slightly different format for our weekend rides.

Don't forget to show your support for We Ride London by posting on social media and feel free to order some stickers, patches or other branded clothing in our online shop

#WeRideLondon #MopedCrime #BikersUnited #ProtectBikers

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