Meeting with TfL

Charley, Dutch and Mike from We Ride London at TfL's headquarters

Charley, Dutch and Mike from We Ride London at TfL's headquarters

Transport for London reached out to We Ride London requesting a meeting which is a great step in opening dialogue with the main policy makers for London. On March 22nd Charley, Dutch & Mike from We Ride London met the following from TfL:

  • Esme Yuill, Senior Comms and Engagement Manager
  • Alexandra Goodship, Senior Strategy and Planning Manager
  • John Murray, Principal Strategy Planner
  • Morgan Dye, Principle Policy Advisor

We had a really positive meeting with TfL taking note of our concerns and it also helped us understand some of the key elements of the campaign that we need to focus on throughout Q2. One key action will be related to bus lanes. Local authorities control this not TfL. Where TfL control it, they have largely allowed the usage of bus lanes. This is why writing to your elected representative is key.

We set out our campaign objectives with TfL and they listened and appreciated our perspectives. We focused in on:

  • Protection of lane widths to allow safe lane filtering
  • Exclusion from congestion and pollution charging
  • Universal use of bus lanes as pioneered by TfL
  • Adequate secure motorcycle parking
  • More action against bike theft and bike-jacking (we plugged our good friends at the UK Motorcycle Theft Protest)
Transport for London HQ

Transport for London HQ

TfL outlined some of the high level strategic objectives in the upcoming transport strategy and much of it was very positive, focusing on further reduction of fatalities on London's road, regardless of vehicle types. 

They also shared the following public domain documents with us. We have read the urban motorcycle design handbook before but the other two were new to us and worth a read.

While it's clear that there is much work to do in order to influence the various transport policies, it was a very positive initial meeting and we look forward to ongoing constructive dialogue with TfL.


Mike Butler