Awareness Ride: April 6th

Following the terrible events on March 22nd we cancelled our first awareness ride so now on April 6th between 1PM & 4PM we will snake from Regents Park through central London before arriving at City Hall where we hope to be welcomed by member of the assembly. 

The meeting point is 1PM on the Outer Circle, Regents Park, near the junction with Avenue Road. Some of the We Ride London team should be there earlier so you'll be able to spot us. 

I know many of you have already asked about the timings and to maximise the impact we have deliberately chosen to do this ride during a week day and during the day. We know this will limit the number of you who can join but we hope that enough of you will join to make a statement and be noticed. We will hold further rides on weekends, meet ups and flash mob style events which more of you will hopefully be able to make.


A reminder of the format:

  • All motorcycles & scooters welcome - please ride what you ride daily - don’t bring your weekend pride and joy if you have one. If you ride a 15 year old scooter or 30 year old two stroke, ride that!
  • Wear what you wear for work - we appreciate this is a big ask as we are essentially asking you to lower the level of protection you may normally wear - we would recommend you bring a jacket to ride to/from the start/finish and store it on your bike while you ride
  • Ideally wear an open face helmet if you have one - we want to public to see our lovely, smiling, human faces.
  • It’ll be a slow, respectful ride - we will obey the rules of the road, ride within the speed limit, no burnouts or showing off your new exhaust
  • We will pass and stop at a number of landmarks on the way to make a large impact which will include some media centres like the BBC and government buildings such as number 10 and the houses of parliament.
  • We will not start and stop at the same place - the start will depend on the number of people who will attend
  • We will have marked marshal riders who will assist and if we have sufficient numbers we may have a support vehicle who can help move any broken down bikes off the main roads but not act as a recovery vehicle
  • You are riding as an individual and as such you must ensure your bike is road legal including insurance, tax, etc and that you have a valid license (silly I know but you’d be surprised)!
  • We will provide some We Ride London branded items to pin on your backs so folks know why we are riding
  • We will have tons of leaflets to hand out to people who are interested in finding out more and/or joining the campaign

The purpose:

It’s very simple: raise awareness of the campaign, increase our engagement and increase the pressure on policy makers.

The route:

We will not publish the route but will provide handouts just before the ride. Watch Facebook and our website for further updates.

I hope many of you can join us.


ActionMike Butlerrides