Motorcycle News Coverage of We Ride London

I know many of you will have seen the online and print articles from Motorcycle News (MCN) but below is a summary of all articles and videos.

Firstly Mike & Philip from the We Ride London team met with Jordan from MCN which led to the initial online and print articles.

Then things really took off with MCN deciding to follow-up with a car vs bike race across London in rush hour from Urban Rider in South West London to The Bike Shed in East London. The idea was to really bring to life the benefits of two wheeled transport in a real life, rush hour ride. 

Apologies for the the spoiler but the bike took 31 minutes for the 8 mile journey, arriving just after 8AM having set off at 7:30AM. The car.... Well that took a little longer.... Jordan was waiting at the Bike Shed for another hour and a bit. The car took over an hour and a half including 20 minutes to find somewhere to park! 

This really brings home just how efficient two wheeled transport is for moving around our Capital! The car was stuck in stop/start traffic for over an hour. The bike kept moving.

After the ride, Jordan stuck around to meet with Dutch, Philip and Charley from the We Ride London team. Click on the two videos below to find out more about the campaign and the results of the race!