ULEZ/TfL Air Quality Consultation

It's really important that everyone responds to the ULEZ/Air Quality Consultation that is open until the 18th of December.


We have been advised that the way the consultation is completed is key to demonstrate an opposition to the charge and send it back to the drawing board. Any response other than ' strongly oppose' or another definitive rejection of the proposals will not register as a clear negative response. Please also consider adding to the comments that powered two wheelers (motorcycles & scooters) have not been considered and the whole proposal is strongly opposed.

One of our co-founders has added the following to the comments in the consultation form which we feel provides a balanced statement to help drive a broader rethink:

Please bear this in mind when completing the consultation form. We have data from the Office of National Statistics which will appear in a blog post shortly showing that the statistics used as the foundation of the ULEZ charge are deeply flawed and misleading. Specifically the deaths due to pollution.

Please complete the consultation and continue to support your #WeRideLondon campaign to improve safety, security and treatment of motorcyclists and scooters in London. (Get Involved