Support Through Social Media

Many of you are asking for more detailed instructions on how to post to social media to be able to show your support for WeRideLondon. Our preferred channel is Instagram and this is mainly due to three things:

  1. We are driving the campaign through photos - we are trying to humanise motorcycle and scooter riders - we are not some leather clad robot on two wheels
  2. It's more usual to keep your Instagram account public than it is Facebook and therefore we can catch and 'Regram' on our own account and through Facebook
  3. 140 characters on Twitter isn't really much these days if you have a lot to say!

In your posts we'd like to have photo of you in your work environment with you helmet. For example if you are an office worker, at your desk or in a meeting. If you are a teacher, at the front of your class. We'd like you to refer to your profession in the post and add the tag #WeRideLondon and also a link to our website

For example:

Office worker Nikita rides London #WeRideLondon

Office worker Nikita rides London #WeRideLondon

We will periodically search posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter tagged with #WeRideLondon. We will only find posts that are public. To find out how to mark one off posts as public on Facebook follow this link:

Finally, if all this is too much, please send us a photo with your name and profession and we will post to our own accounts. You can either send us a photo by email to or send us a message on our Facebook page: